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And the Rounders screenplay

February 18, 2019

Here’s the Rounders screenplay. This is the third draft, the one that went to agencies to get actor attachments, I think. It’s over twenty years old. But you will see we used Voiceover, we addressed the reader, we made notes about wardrobe. There are no camera moves spelled out in it, I don’t think. But that happened to be the style we found for it. I read it and I see very young versions of David and me. But I also see all the work we put into telling the story in a language that hadn’t been used very often. This made it harder to sell, but more distinctive, so that when someone liked it, they very likely loved it. Happy to answer any questions. ROUNDERS

Billions Golden Frog Time script and outline (episode 211)

February 18, 2019

Here are the outline and teleplay for Billions episode 211, Golden Frog Time.  Folks ask me for this stuff all the time. Happy to share it when I can and answer any questions about how/why or whatever. Hope this helps. BS211_BlackerBS211 Network Outline 10-17

Screenwriting rules

February 17, 2019

There was a good twitter thread today about supposed screenwriting rules. Mazin, McQuarrie, Mangold, Rian J and a few others got in there to reiterate that these supposed rules don’t matter. Here’s my screenplay for Solitary Man. You will see I break all the rules on the first page. Michael Douglas read it and signed on.

These rules–don’t use camera angles or moves, don’t use songs, don’t write emotions we can’t film–they don’t matter. Just be engaging. Just carry us through the story. Just demand our attention. Solitary Man, Blue pages

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