And the Rounders screenplay

Here’s the Rounders screenplay. This is the third draft, the one that went to agencies to get actor attachments, I think. It’s over twenty years old. But you will see we used Voiceover, we addressed the reader, we made notes about wardrobe. There are no camera moves spelled out in it, I don’t think. But that happened to be the style we found for it. I read it and I see very young versions of David and me. But I also see all the work we put into telling the story in a language that hadn’t been used very often. This made it harder to sell, but more distinctive, so that when someone liked it, they very likely loved it. Happy to answer any questions. ROUNDERS

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Brian Koppelman

I'm co-creator/Executive producer of Showtime's Billions. Some of the films I've either written/produced/directed are Solitary Man, Rounders, Ocean's Thirteen, Knockaround Guys, Runaway Jury, The Girlfriend Experience & the 30/30 Documentary on Jimmy Connors. I'm also the host of the podcast The Moment.

One thought on “And the Rounders screenplay”

  1. Appreciate this very much!

    The story behind the story of Rounders is even better than this classic movie. Currently enjoying the core team’s commentary on the collector’s series DVD 📀.

    I bought the DVD off eBay to help explain Hold ‘em to my GF.

    Diving deep into each layer of the story.

    Reading your 3rd draft will be great exploration…

    Learning that the collection of the stacks equaling $30K around the apt was an add was fun. So well done with Caro’s & Texas Dollie’s book “cameo”.

    The team commentary audio track also revealed the classic toothpick add by Edward. (“Where’s the rest?”) and the trashing of the cigarette spoils.

    Fun to hear moneymaker comments too.

    Have you seen the old WSOP footage now on PokerGO? I came into competitive poker after Moneymaker so I had never seen the raw footage of Seidel vs Chan.

    Thanks again for posting Brian!

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